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The Newark Fire Department - is the largest municipal fire department in the state of New Jersey. The department is organized into 13 Divisions: Administration, Community Relations, M.I.S. (Technology), Emergency Management, Fire Prevention and Life Safety, Fire Signal System Operation (Communications), Firefighting, Investigations, Photography and Media Liaison, Special Operations and Hazardous Materials Response, Apparatus, Mask Repair, Special Services, and Training.

As a part of the Firefighting Division, the Newark Fire Department currently operates 16 Engine Companies, 8 Ladder Companies, and 1 Rescue Company out of 16 Firehouses, located throughout the city. These 16 Firehouses are organized into 3 Battalions, each commanded by a Battalion Chief per shift. There is also an Safety Battalion and a Special Operations Battalion which are staffed by Battalion Chiefs per shift. A Deputy Chief, known as a Tour Commander, commands all of the Battalion Chiefs per shift.

Newark fire officers are members of the IAFF Local 1860

Help Needed  If you are a firefighter in Newark, we need your help to verify the station information shown below is current and correct, please email us
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Newark Fire Department  -  Stations & Apparatus
Newark Fire Department 480 Clinton Avenue Newark 973-733-6007
Sta Engine Truck Special Units Address Area
  Eng 5     65 Congress Street North Ironbound
  Eng 6   Car 17, Deputy 1 344 Springfield Ave Springfield / Belmont
  Eng 7   Haz-Mat 1, Battalion 6 214 West Market Street University Heights
  Eng 9   Battalion 3 197 Summer Ave Mount Pleasant
  Eng 10 Ladder 5 Resue 1, Rescue 2, Battalion 2 360 Clinton Ave South Broad Valley
  Eng 11 Ladder 11 Haz-Mat Decon Unit, Haz-Mat Spill Unit 345 South 9th Street Fairmount
  Eng 13 Tower 6 Foam Unit 1 718 Mount Prospect Ave Forest Hill
  Eng 14   Quick Response Attack Vehicle 71 Vesey Street South Ironbound
  Eng 15 Ladder 7   271 Park Ave Lower Roseville
  Eng 16 Ladder 8 Rescue Boat 473 Ferry Street North Ironbound
  Eng 18   Battalion 4 395 Avon Ave West Side
  Eng 19   Brush Fire Unit 1, Rescue Boat 528 Frelinghuysen Ave Newark Itl Airport
  Eng 26 Ladder 12   420 Sanford Ave Valisburg
  Eng 27 Ladder 4 Battalion 5 89 Elm Road South Ironbound
  Eng 28     691 North 6th Street Upper Roseville
  Eng 29 Ladder 10   1028 Bergen Street Weequahic
      Marine Unit 1, Marine Unit 2 Corbin Street Port Newark
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